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What makes Open Move International different?

Local and International buyers

More properties, more buyers, more demand.
Our key to a successful deal is ensuring your property sells at highest price within your ideal timescale.

Premium marketing & selling plan

We smartly market your property to our database of over 5,000 Local and International buyers. As well…

  • Leading-edge digital marketing, from Facebook, Instagram to Google Campaigns
  • Advisement on our investors forums and groups
  • Premium listing on top property advertising portals

Brand of Outstanding Services
We are a internationally recognised brand, which makes Open Move International first point of call for International buyers.

Special Service
Our professional team is with you from start to finish, making sure your sale stays on track.

Pre-qualified Buyers
We have qualified potential buyers to ensure they have the financial ability to for buying.

Sell Your Property Fast

Quick Cash Sale

We have access to buyers ready to buy with cash and put an offer to you within 48 hours…

Step 1
Enter your property details online today, with no obligation.

Step 2
We will call you to discuss your options and establish whether the fast-cash route is right for you.

Step 3
Completion can take as little as 7 days from offer acceptance.
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